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2018 Fall Class Schedule 

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Send to Jim Morris - 61602 E Border Rock Road Tucson AZ 85739

Non members of the Guild must add $10 to each class fee. Membership is $20 per year due in September. Go to the Membership page to pay the annual fee.

   Classes held in HOA 2 Arts and Crafts Building

Drawing 101 with Laurie Brussels       $96

Tuesdays  9:00 am to noon   Nov 6, 13, 20, 27    Register

This is a four-week class for individuals who have always been afraid to take their first drawing class, as well as experienced artists who would like to build their confidence and deepen their artistic perceptions. Laurie will teach you how to shift from your usual analytical processing (left brain mode) to a more creative way of thinking and seeing (right brain mode). Anyone can draw. Its just a matter of training your eyes to see. This class will cover proportions, composition, shading and line.


Bring in a 14 X 17 all purpose drawing pad (no newsprint), #2 pencils and a kneaded or plastic eraser.


Call: (520) 818 0657

Intro to Watercolor with Karen Brungardt    $96

Tuesdays   1:00 pm to 4:00 pm   Nov 6, 13, 20, 27   Register

This class is for anyone who is interested in learning how to paint in watercolor. It is designed for people who have never picked up a watercolor brush, for people who are returning to watercolor after many years away, or people interested in finding out if they want to be a watercolor artist.

This is a four-week, half-day class. The Instructor will be teaching the many different uses of brushes, the differences in watercolor papers, color mixing, composition, basic washes and advanced washes, watercolor “tricks,” and use of shadows and perspective. She will also teach basic watercolor techniques, such as landscapes, skies, sunsets, desert foliage, etc.


  1. Brushes are a personal choice but the Instructor suggests those listed below as basic:
  2. #6, #8, #10 round watercolor brushes (Loew-Cornell 7020 ultra round series is a good, inexpensive brush (found online at comor com)
  3. 1 ½” flat brush  or angled flat brush
  4. Any other brush that intrigues you and you want to buy.
  5. Great places to try out brushes to see if you would like it: Arizona Art Supply at Wetmore & Oracle and also Sarnoff’s on Campbell north of Grant or Posners: They are located at 944 E. University, 622-3636.


Call: (520) 825-1845

Rice Paper Aquariums with Robbie Summers  $30

Wednesday   9:00 am to 12 noon    Nov 7              Register

Using Rice paper, watercolor, and sharpies, you will  create your own aquarium.


If you have them, bring photos of your favorite aquarium scenes.  Also bring any watercolor supplies that you have. Water container, paper towels, sharpies, brushes

Instructor will supply rice paper, backing board, and additional aquarium fish pictures.

Call: 520 818-0817


Our Bodies in Motion with Laurie Brussels   $50

Thursday 9:00 am to noon continuing 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm    Nov 15


This workshop will delve closely into the drawing of the clothed figure. Drawing the human figure can be intimidating but Laurie will take the fear away by making it fun and interesting. 

You will sharpen your seeing skills as well as learn to capture the essence of the figure through exercises, demonstrations and “drawing each other.” Laurie will show you how to measure proportions, capture the beauty of the pose through line and shading, and perfect your seeing skills.


  • 18 X 24 Newsprint pad
  • Vine charcoal
  • 18 X 24 All purpose drawing pad
  • #2 pencils, charcoal pencils
  • Kneaded or Magic Rub eraser


Phone: (520) 825-1845

Experiment Creativity (Gesture Drawing) with Gail Kolenda     $30

Monday 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm   Nov 26    Register

Learn another type of drawing called gesture drawing. You may use
pencil or pen. Bring photos of action figures to tell a story. We will
review contour drawing and jump into gesture drawing. A complete
composition will be done in class.

Call 825-9972 or email 

Australian Aboriginal Art with Robbie Summers  $30

Wednesday  9:00 am to noon    Nov 28      Register

Using dots with acrylics, you will create an original, be it creatures of the desert or your personal path.
All supplies will be furnished by the Instructor.

Call: 520 818-0817


A bookmark in 3D with Robbie Summers    $30

Wednesday   9:00 am to 12 noon  Dec 5      Register

After the introduction on how to create 3-D in colored pencils, you will design your own personal bookmark
Supplies: All supplies will be furnished by the Instructor.

Call: 520 818-0817


 Experiment Creativity (Artist Trade Cards) with Gail Kolenda    $30

Monday 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm   Dec 10         Register  

Taking the lessons of contour drawing and gesture drawing you will
create a full page design and add color. A fun day to go crazy with
drawing, paint and glue. Bring whatever supplies you want to play with
in creating.  

Call 825-9972 or email 

 Painting with Hummingbirds with Karen Brungardt       $30

Tuesday 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm   Dec 11   Register    


We all love them, watching them zipping around and drinking nectar!  Now come to learn how to paint them; in this class you will  learn at least three different styles in watercolor in which to paint these little birds.

  1. We’ll use a loose background of watercolor paint and develop the painting of the bird from there
  2. We’ll use pen and ink technique for a different look and way to paint a hummingbird
  3. We’ll paint a stylized bird with lots of color and fun in it

Supply list click here.

Dive into learning the fun in collage and mixed media. Create
and experiment creating a small canvas.  Bring supplies of acrylics, or
papers, or whatever you want to use.

Supplies: Students should bring a glue stick and a small canvas

Call: (330) 656-3673



 Free Opportunities for Guild Members

Free Non-Critique 

Second Wednesday 9 am -11am                Topaz Room

On the second Wednesday of each month come join us to discuss your latest art project and art in general. Bring a painting you are working on or you have just finished to share with us. You don't have any projects you are working on right now? Come anyway and join the interesting and sometimes lively discussions. Or just come to meet your fellow SaddleBrooke artists. Call: Jim Morris (520) 399-6797- Email:

Monday Morning Open Studio

Every week 9 am -12 pm in Topaz Room

Monday Afternoon Open Studio 

Extended group session on the first three Mondays of the month to share and explore creative projects together.

See News article under Art Info tab.

Open Figure Drawing Studio with Laurie Brussel

First Saturday each month in the Topaz Room Registrar: Class Registration  Jim Morris - 61602 E Border Rock Rd. - (520) 399-6797 - Education Chair: Class scheduling Gail Kolenda - 61828 E Briarwood Dr. - (520) 825-9972