Karen Brungardt


Brungardt email:  dockie@q.com

web page:  www.brushmarks.weebly.com

Karen was quite the doodler as a child. However, she took her first art course in her senior year of high school. She then majored in Art in college but that didn’t get her any jobs. So she became a secretary, then a field claims adjuster in Kansas City but ultimately decided that medicine was her area. She graduated medical school in 1985 and went into private practice in Torrington, Wyoming. Although her interests were in oils and etchings in college, because of a very busy practice, she turned to watercolor painting (because it’s relatively quicker!) and fell in love with the medium after taking local courses.

After retiring due to health reasons, she again pursued her love of watercolor painting in Saddlebrooke. .

What inspires her most are shadows and colors, how they define an object and add to the mystique of the subject matter.

Art Work by Karen Brungardt