Art Galleries

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The SaddleBrooke Fine Arts Guild operates four venues within our community where members' work can be viewed and appreciated by our fellow residents in SaddleBrooke. Each of these galleries has their own criteria for types of work displayed.  The art work is changed every quarter throughout the year.

Javelina Room / Road Runner Grill (HOA#1) 15 - 20 pieces

RG2012Aug-02This gallery has no selection process.  Those who wish to display their work only need bring their art, one or two items, to the fHOA#1 Club House, Javelina Room, on the third Saturday every two months.  It will be hung based on space available, May, July, September, and so on.  A Business card or a display tag may be placed on the work giving the artist's contact information.

 Activity Center (HOA#1) 7-10 pieces


AC2012Aug-04-AThe work displayed in this venue is selected by a Fine Arts Guild committee on the first Saturday of the designated dates (see below) with a theme in mind. The pieces are chosen based on photographs submitted by the artists to the Guild’s photo archive. The Guild will prepare a display label for each item selected, no other tags or cards are allowed. Selected artists will be notified by email. The Activity Center hanging will be held at 9:00 am on the second Saturday of the selection month.

Future themes will be:

January 2017:Sunrises and Sunset
Submission deadline January 7

April 2017: Cacti
Submission deadline April 1

July 2017: Landscapes
Submission deadline July 1

October 2017: Cowboys and Cowgirls
Submission deadline October 7

Additional information about the 2017 Activity Center exhibits is posted in the Topaz room.

Mariposa Room at Desert View (HOA#2) 15-20 pieces

DV2012July-01-AA Fine Arts Guild committee selects the work displayed at this location from the Guild’s photo archive library with no theme in mind, based on the quality of the work and its relationship to other items selected. No price tags or business cards are allowed, each work of art is identified by a label stating the title, size, medium, and the artist’s name and phone number. This display is changed quarterly. Guild members whose work has been selected to hang are notified by email. The Mariposa Room hanging will be held at 2:30 pm on the second Saturday of the selection month. All Guild members are notified by email if there are any changes to the schedule.

Annex Office Lobby (HOA#2) 5-7 pieces

OA2012Aug-08-AThe Guild selects an outstanding artist to present their work at this location as a one person show, selecting and hanging work they feel will be appropriate in this venue. The Guild has the right to reject any work they feel is not appropriate or up to HOA#2 required quality standards. No labels or cards are allowed to be placed on the art work. A resume and/or business cards will be kept at the receptionist’s desk. The featured artist will be notified by e-mail. The artist should visit the office lobby before the hanging date and determine what work they wish to display in the space available. An appointment time for hanging will be arranged with the Gallery Committee.


Rules For All Fine Arts Galleries 

  • All work must be framed or be standard 1 ½ inch gallery wrap canvas with finished edges.
  • All work must be wire hung.
  • Each artist must sign a waiver absolving the Guild or HOA from loss or damage to art work displayed.
  • Work on display may only be removed with Guild permission.

Submit your 8 x 10 inch color photos to:

Joanna Voisine, phone 818-9330
or send email to MARLEYSMOM@Q.COM for instructions.